Fluxgate Magnetometer Fluxmaster

Hand-held magnetometer for geomagnetic and EMI measurement

±200 µT measurement range
0.1 nT resolution
Analog voltage output DC to 1 kHz

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3-axis Magnetic Field Sensor FLC3-70

For borehole orientation sensors, navigation, aerospace, and more.
New: HT version with 175 °C operating temperature.
Measurement range up to ±200 µT
Noise < 3nTpp (0.1 to 10 Hz)
Operating temperature up to 125 °C or up to 175 °C

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Low-Noise Fluxgate Sensor FL1-100

Magnetometer with sub-nanotesla resolution for high precision applications

Versions with ±10 to ±1000 µT range
Noise < 20 pT/√Hz at 1 Hz
0.5% calibration accuracy

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Miniature Magnetic Field Sensor FLC 100

Complete fluxgate magnetometer with high resolution but low price

Measurement range ±100 µT
Analog voltage output DC to 1 kHz

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