Fluxgate Magnetometer Fluxmaster

Fluxmaster b detail
Hand-held instrument for precise measurement of weak magnetic field from 0.1 nT to 200 µT (DC to 1 kHz). Typical applications are: Measurement of the Earth's magnetic field vector components, detection of AC fields from power lines, paleomagnetic investigations, package inspection according to IATA 953, and residual field measurement.

  • 3 selectable measurement ranges: ±2 µT, ±20 µT, and ±200 µT
  • Resolution: 0.1 nT
  • Accuracy: 0.5% ±5 nT
  • Analog voltage output DC to 1 kHz (-3 dB)
  • 4.5 digits LC display
  • Push-button ambient field cancelling

Download datasheet here: pdficon small Data sheet Fluxmaster

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