Custom System Design

We are interested in developing custom versions of our products or in designing completely new systems. Please feel free to contact us!

A selection of realized projects:

  • Fluxgate gradiometer for residual field measurement
  • Gradiometer sensor with sub-nanotesla resolution for ground survey
  • Multi-channel magnetometer system for fine metal parts detection in food
  • Magnetic field measurement and control system for an experiment on board the International Space Station ISS
  • Micropower fluxgate sensor with only 0.3 mW power consumption
  • Sensor for detection of magnetic wires in a cable recycling facility
  • Induction coil sensor for magnetic field change measurement inside MRI scanners
  • Induction coil sensor for magnetic field measurement inside cable shields
  • Difference magnetic field sensor for current measurement on solar panels
  • Stamp-size dual axis micro fluxgate sensor
  • 3-axis laboratory magnetometer with DC and true rms AC displays, USB interface, and data logging software
  • Calibration system for borehole orientation sensors
  • Measurement and control system for compass safe distance testing
  • Calibration test unit for difference magnetic field sensors
  • Power supply and signal conditioning unit for 5 sensors FLC3-70
  • Portable compensation coils for test installations of MR-3 field canceller
  • High field fluxgate magnetometer for nuclear fusion reactor ITER
  • Proton precession magnetometer


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